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Crawl Space Repair

inside a crawl space

While this may often be the most overlooked area of a home, it is one which all homeowners should give great attention to. After all, what happens here can have a significant impact on the rest of the home. When you have a crawl space that isn't properly sealed off, it is only a matter of time until moisture, excessive humidity, and unwanted critters get inside and cause serious damage to your home's overall structural integrity, and to your family's health and well-being.

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Cracks in drywall
  • Uneven or sagging floors.
  • Home smells musty or foul because of dangerous mold growth.
  • Spots on the first floor no longer feel level because of wood rot.
  • Unwanted critters (termites, roaches, snakes, mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, skunks, rats, etc.) can be seen entering and exiting the crawl space area.


It is not uncommon for these areas to experience problems with leaks. Moisture here, even if there isn't much, can still cause a lot of serious damage. Wooden supports, beams, and floor joists can be destroyed. This rotting wood doesn't just look bad and cause severe problems for the overall structural integrity of your home, but it can also be attractive to unwanted critters. This problem can be taken care of through encapsulation work. A floor liner, vapor barrier, sump pump, and dehumidifier can be installed as part of the process.


When the area isn't sealed off, it also makes it easier for excessive humidity to get inside. This can make your home feel very uncomfortable, and it can also lead to wood rot, just like moisture. To take care of this problem, we will also perform encapsulation work and make sure that the right-sized dehumidifier is installed to control the amount of moisture in the air.

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