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Foundation Repair

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Our specialty is preserving the structural integrity of area homes. If you feel as if there is a problem with the base of your home, it will be important for you to get in touch with our team immediately for diagnostic and repair work. We realize that a lot of area homeowners may not give much thought to this concrete, stone, brick, or cinder block structure, but it is responsible for bearing the weight of the entire home. A problem here could eventually spell disaster for a home if it is neglected and not treated right away. We can take care of everything from the most minor of structural issues to the much more complex and involved problems, such as settlement or a bowing wall.

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Windows and doors are difficult to open or close
  • Cracks appear along window or door frames inside or outside of the home
  • Walls appear to be bowing into the basement environment
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Spots on the first floor no longer feel like they are level


This is one of the most common structural problems that we take care of on a regular basis. It can be caused from poor soil conditions around the home, and it involves one or more walls sinking deeper and deeper into the earth. To properly take care of the problem, we will first need to inspect the foundation to determine where the problem areas are. Next, we will make use of SafeBasements™ brand push and helical piers to lift and stabilize the home.


These can be seen on the inside or outside of the home, and on wall and floor surfaces. Floor cracks generally do not pose a threat to the overall structural integrity of a home, but they should still be filled in and sealed so that seepage can't get inside and cause problems. Wall cracks, on the other hand, can indicate that there is an underlying structural problem that must be taken care of immediately - and this could include settlement issues, bowing walls, and so on. We take care of the initial cause of the problem as well as any damage that occurred as a result.

Bowing Walls

This structural issue is often caused from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. To take care of the problem, we can stabilize and push the wall back into place with the use of SafeBasements™ brand wall anchors. Minimal excavation work will be required for installation and no wall replacement work will be needed - which is a huge relief for homeowners!

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