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At FRI we pride ourselves in being honest and accurate in solving ongoing issues in your structure, home or commercial property. Over the years and after being in hundreds of homes we’ve come to the conclusion that many waterproofing contractors are coming to you to sell you things that are not needed. Certainly a drain-tile may be needed, less than 10% of homes in my experience, but does that contractor look at the outside of the home to see why the water is getting there? The answer is clearly no. Solving water intrusion issues begins on the exterior of the home. With a Proactive inspections of gutters, downspouts, landscaping, grading and interior foundation crack repairs, many water intrusion issues can be resolved. These issues all need to be addressed prior to considering a very expensive and very invasive interior drain-tile system.

Ask yourself, should I spend a minimum of $10,000, on the low side, on a drain-tile system and dehumidifier or save many thousands of dollars and fix the problem on the outside first? Also ask yourself, If I spend all that money on a drain-tile system why do I need to spend another $1500.00 on a dehumidifier? The reason for the dehumidifier is that the drain-tile systems that are installed are typically footer drains, these are faster and more profitable, yet sub-standard in removing water.

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Foundation Restoration Inc is rebranding and refocusing our business model. Moving forward we will be Proactive Structure Solutions. We take a Proactive approach to provide your Structure with proper and comparatively inexpensive, non-invasive Solutions to water intrusion issues where ever possible./p>

At Proactive Structure Solutions, “We Solve, Not Sell”

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